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New Release: Galena 2.0.0
Kahless @ 2005-11-27 02:20:15
Released: Galena 2.0.0 - After more than 21 months i finally made a new Release. This release adds a completely new layer above the Galena1 Addin interface which makes Galena2 a framework for WebApplications and Content Management Systems (CMS). Galena2 builds upon Java 1.5 and makes heavy usage of Metadata to define addins and Java Reflection API. (While in the old system you need to add CommandHandler for every command, in Galena2 every command is representated as a method which as metadata associated and is called dynamically by the addin system.)

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Moved from CVS to SVN
Kahless @ 2005-09-07 20:23:46
I've moved galena now from the cvs repository to a new SVN repository at .. You may check out &x5b;Downloads&x5d; for more information. (the cvs repository will not be updated in the future)

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New About Page :)
Kahless @ 2004-05-25 13:21:41
I <a href="">created a About page for Galena, since it seams that not much understand what galena is all about</a>. - I hope this page helps to understand galena - if not write me an email, thx :)

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new release: Galena 1.1.4
Kahless @ 2004-02-02 16:26:01
I've released <a href="">Galena 1.1.4 and Inosit 0.0.1</a>

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New Release - 1.1.3
Kahless @ 2004-01-10 11:41:29
Basically fixed bugs and add features to IRC interface.

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Writing Modules - Tutorial
Kahless @ 2004-01-10 01:44:22
I have written a new version of the old documentation about writing a simple HelloWorld tutorial (it also explains how to compile it and load it): <a href="">GalenaDocumentation/HelloWorldTutorial</a>

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Wrote documentation
Kahless @ 2003-11-02 22:43:25
I've wrote basic documentation on how to set up a very basic Jabber bot or IRC bot using galena: see &x5b;GalenaDocumentation&x5d;

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Most parts now run on the Wiki
Kahless @ 2003-11-01 20:48:23
I moved most parts of the Galena Page which were static HTML pages into the wiki.

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Galena eclipse plugin
Kahless @ 2003-10-30 15:33:55
I'm working on an eclipse plugin which makes it possible to integrate galenaGUI addins into eclipse. it seams to work nice.. take a look: <a href=""></a>

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bugfix: SWT didn't work
Kahless @ 2003-10-29 16:26:55
I fixed a small bug in the last release. startgalena.bat and config.txt loaded the wrong swt libs under windows so it couldn't be started. (i uploaded it to the releases as

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new release: Galena 1.1
Kahless @ 2003-10-26 22:50:21
I've released Galena 1.1 today. In comparison to 1.0 it should be much more stable and featurerich. (read more for details)

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News system finay works
Kahless @ 2003-10-14 15:35:05
The news system now finally works ...

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