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If you have ideas for modules or improvements, have problems or any comments, write me an email (or jabber message): - or use the Tracker (you need to be loggedin to use the tracker) or join our IRC Channel : - #sphene


Welcome to Galena!

Galena was designed as modular bot to serve commands on various protocols (jabber,irc,email,http,ftp).
Because of it's design it developed to a framework for server side applications, esspecially web applications and Content Management Systems.
It is actually already usable as CMS (as demonstrated on this site) since it contains addins like Wiki, Board, News, etc.

This site is hosted on Galena, as well as various other projects (like ). Current CMS modules include a Wiki, News, Board, User/Group management, etc.

You may want to look at the Galena2Documentation which includes documentation of the basic principles of Galena2. (Also note that Galena2 is currently not released, and can only be optained through Subversion. If you need help just contact me: )

You may also check out the little outdated About section.

Available Interfaces

  • Textfile (reading commands from a file - used for startupscript)
  • Telnet (simple TCP socket)
  • SSLTelnet (the same, but with SSL encryption)
  • IRC (using Martyr)
  • Jabber (using Smack)
  • HTTP Server (using httpd library from Blommers IT)
  • FTP Server (our own implementation .. basically working)
  • Email protocols (very basic - using JET-Net

Available Modules

  • User/Group management
  • PostgreSQL database - only to use by other modules no direkt user interface
  • Various HTTP Modules
    • News system
    • Displaying pages
      • Static HTML Pages
      • Using Velocity
    • Modular comment system (can be used by all modules)
    • Board
    • Wiki (Using {Link:Radeox|})
  • Notification module
  • Quotation module (just a simple module where you can store quotes and retrieve them randomly with another command)
  • GUI (graphical modules)
    • IRC management (joining,parting channels, writing messages,etc.)


I've launched a separate project which target is to create a Project Management Tool based on Galena. It is called Inosit. It currently has the following features:
(note: the basic of all implementations is a command line interfaces which is used by all other implementations and can be accessed by the user using telnet, irc, jabber, or whatever he wants)
  • Calendar
    • GUI Interface
  • Tracker (bug-,todo-,whatever lists)
    • HTTP Interface
    • GUI Interface
    • Integration into eclipse (very experimental)
  • Netplan
    • HTTP Interface
    • GUI Interface
If you have any questions regarding anything contact me: (jabber or email)

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